I am a hippie without a rainbow

The Yellow Serpent (2011)

My collage The Yellow Serpent is part of my ongoing series of collages “I am a hippie without a rainbow”. The title is a reflection about myself as a political individual, as an idealistic artist who is struggling with the disenchanted reality of today's world.

The Yellow Serpent is based on an universal myth of the australian Aboriginals. They say once the yellow serpent awakes, it is a sign of the end of the world. In the context of the uranium deposit of Australia, which literally looks like a snake from above, running through the north of the country, this tale has a resonance to the event of a meltdown of the core reactors in the nuclear power stations in Fukushima 2011 due to a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean. The Mayan myth - which is very popular these days because of their apocalyptic prediction - knows the serpent Quexicolotl as the god of destruction as being an omnipresent force in the year 2012.

The collage is shown at the 15th anniversary exhibition "Exi[s]t" at Bulart Gallery in Varna, Bulgaria, curated by Dora Doncheva.

open from:

09.12.2011 - 30.01.2012

Photos from the exhibition by Dora Doncheva.

installation view

installation view

installation view