Black stars on a white sky - Edition II

The year of the rabbit (2011)

installation view

display of the pages from black stars on a white sky - a book;
my work "expanding infinity " is the second from right, lower row

About the exhibition:

Artists have been and are invited to contribute a vision of the zeitgeist. Visions of the microcosmic, macrocosmic, mutatations, implosions, growth. The singular wandering through a cacophony of buffers and/or a constellation of illumination inspired by the poet Stephan Mallarme's Un Coup de Des.

The black ink formation of words on a page, the markings denoting form and meaning, spell a cosmology of strokes, crosses, dashes, dots, and outline blocks, an architectual glimpse at a landscape of a meaning of content and context. Ernst Fraenkel, the 19th century philologist who made a study of Mallarme and his symbolist poetry, observed of the poem Un Coup de Des, (a poem which may have inspired Burroughs and Gyson in their experiment of cut and paste in its pull and pool of word play). A broken text of a ship steering forward into the abyss. Fraenkel said of this poem, that the page to observe in typographical print, appeared to be "black stars on a white sky".

(text by Adam Nankervis)

image by Kai Teichert

This exhibition opened on Berlin Gallery Weekend April 28/ May 1 2011.
Open again June 3 till June 5 2011.
14:00 - 22:00h

black stars on a white sky
a Museum MAN project

another vacant space.
          Biesentalerstr. 16
          Berlin (Wedding)