Genug ist nicht genug - shown at Pophits , a project initiated by Manfred Peckl (2011)

Genug ist nicht genug / cover (2011)


back side

paper bag inside

a side

b side

For my work "Genug ist nicht genug" (enough is not enough) I have choosen the so titled album of the german singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker.
By cutting out the singers image I am questioning the individuality of the Berlin "fun generation" and their greed for more. The modern hipster who likes the old fashioned Berlin as a wallpaper for partying.

Second exhibition:

As part of "Based in Berlin" at Autocenter, Monbijoupark, Oranienburger Str. 77, Berlin
01.07 2011 - 03.07.2011

(photos by Adam Nankervis)

First exhibition:
Tanzschule Projects, Auenstr. 19, 80469 München, 2.Stock

(photos by Manfred Peckl)
Pophits is a project initiated by Manfred Peckl. More than 400 artists followed the call of the artist, musician and writer to recreate a vinyl cover of their choice in a two-dimensional way.