Milimeter Cuttings (2009 - ongoing)

Analoge Signale / Analogue Signals(2013), installation view (photo by Stephanie Gerner)
Analoge Signale / Analogue Signals (2013), installation view (photo by Stephanie Gerner)

This series of work of television based milimeter cuttings was shown at Multi Skiller, a group show at Freyer Marktforschung, Berlin.
For more information and close-up images just click this link.

Weisses Rauschen/ White Noise (2012)

installation view with works from Stephanie Gerner and Eli Cornejo (from left to right)

My work Weisses Rauschen/ White Noise was shown at Last Sup(p)er on december 21st, 2012, at stattberlin. More about this work and my other "cut-out" works you can find here.

Glasnost (2012)

Glasnost, a 40x40cm cut-out piece was shown at the exhibition My name is at stattberlin, spring 2012. 

The World Stamp (2009)


collection of the cutted 1mm paper sqaures in plastic bag

"The World Stamp" was the first milimeter cutting I did in 2009 and showed first at A Spires Ember in Kiev and in 2010 at But what about the crumpling paper... in Berlin.

Schnitt / Beuys (2011)

Based on a Polaroid Andy Warhol made of Jospeh Beuys, I cutted the portrait of Beuys using a scalpel and a DIN A3 milimeter paper sheet. The cutted paper i fit in between two glas plates and created a wooden box with a copper plate as background.

Go to Katie Diamond Hamer's blog Eyes Towards The Dove for a review of the show and my work Schnitt / Beuys.

This is the second milimeter cutting I did. 


installationview But what about the noise of crumpling paper...(Berlin, 2010)

installationview Die Leistungsschau (Berlin, 2011)