30 real Treue-Punkte - shown at Ray Johnson & A Book About Death (2010)

30 real Treue-Punkte, 4x6 inch postcard (sticker and aluminium foil on paper)

How the original disappeared and a print became the reborn original

Before I sent the artwork to LuAnn Palazzo, I scanned my artwork for the ABAD blog aswell as to put it on my blog.
It was really not that easy, because of the shiny surface of the sticker I used for the work, but that's not important for the story.
At the post office I decided to send my work as a registered letter, so it would be traceable and insured...
A few weeks later, I was already involved in some other projects, I got a reminder from LuAnn to send my physical artwork. Needless to say, I was a little bit irritated.
Of course, me and LuAnn immediately started the research by asking the postal services - she in New York and me in Berlin - where the registered letter was.
The german postal service told me it was in New York, while the New York postal service couldn't find it and said I should start a search request. The result of the search request was: the letter is in New York, but the New York postal service should now the exact place. The New York postal service again said, because of the different system, I should start a search request at the german postal service...
To cut a long story short: I printed the scanned image and send it as normal (untracable and uninsured) letter which arrived within 4 days without any complication in New York.

30 real Treue-Punkte was shown at Ray Johnson and A Book About Death

03.-05. November 2010
SAL Art Gallery at the CW Post Campus of Long Island University in Brookville, New York

After the show the work
will become part of a permanent Ray Johnson ABAD Archive.