One Month Work (ongoing work)

One of my recent projects: "One Month Work" (working title).

The idea behind this project is to visually compare a "9 to 5" job with my artistic work flow. Therefore I decided to start this time consuming, tedious project.
Counting the hours it will be almost exactly one month work - thinking of 8 hours a day, 40 hours a weeks, 120 hours a month.
The plastered easel will be presented on another upcoming installation piece I will show in this posting.

The pure table easel.

The rest of the punched dots Stephanie Gerner and me used at "St. & St - File #1 feat. James Edmonds" at The Foundry, London.

"The quality management" - I sort out the punched dots and divide the blank ones from the printed or the damaged, only pure blank dots are used for the artwork.

The first punched dot is placed. All dots are placed seperately - one by one.

The progress in detail.