Solid Opinions - shown at Reliquaries of Empires Dust and at Get a move on! (2009 /2010)

Solid opinion I (2009)

 Shown at the groupshow "Reliquaries of Empires Dust", curated by Museum MAN (Berlin, 2009)

Solid opinion II (2010)

Solid opinion III (2010)

Solid opinion II and Soild opinion III (2010)

Shown at "Get a move on!" (Berlin, 2010).

In my ongoing project “Solid Opinions” the crutch as an instrument to support and help wounded or disabled people, is used as a symbol for fixed ideas. Almost immovable, the original intention of the instrument becomes overturned to the point of absurdity that on the one hand critiques our reliance on mental positions, at the same time suggesting the darker social impact of these belief-systems in the history of mankind.

Exhibition view of me between Solid opinion II and Solid opinion III (photo by Adam Nankervis)